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Hindu Law

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The Hindu Law is one of the most ancient Family Law known to mankind. It is not a territorial law or a lex-loci but is a personal law.

Broad categories of study

Acts related to Hindu Law

Recent Laws / Related Cases

  • Yagnapurusdasji vs Muldas AIR 1966 SC 1119: The working formula of Tilak regarding the Hindu religion was accepted by the Supreme Court of India
  • Manohar Joshi vs N B Patil AIR 1996 SC 796 pg. 812: Arjun Singh vs Virendra Nath AIR 171 All 29: If a person has a permanent residence in one State and by virtue of employment, he is living in another State, does not mean that he has migrated
  • The word 'Hindutva' (Hinduism) does not invariable mean the Hindu religion

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