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West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950

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The West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950 was enacted in the year 1950 and was later amended in 1956. During the time of amendment the rules on fire prevention and fire safety were included.

From the Act

(West Bengal Act XVIII of 1950)

All Act to provide for the maintenance of a Fire brigade, for the licensing of warehouses and for certain other matters.

Whereas it is expedient to provide for the maintenance of a fire brigade, for the licensing of warehouses and for certain other matters ; It is hereby enacted as follows :—

Chapter I: Preliminary

  • Section 1: Short title, extent and commencement
  • Section 2: Definitions

Chapter II

  • Section 3: Fire Brigade to be maintained
  • Section 4: Power of State Government to make orders with respect to the Fire-Brigade
  • Section 5: Powers exercisable on the occasion of a fire
  • Section 6: Police officer to aid the Fire Brigade in execution of its duties
  • Section 7: Non-liability of Police officer, etc. to damages
  • Section 8: Enquiry into origin of fire and report to Magistrate

Chapter III

  • Section 9: Licence for letting off rockets, etc.
  • Section 10: Who may grant license, fee for license
  • Section 11: Power to withdraw or suspend license
  • Section 12: License for warehouse or work-shops
  • Section 13: Condition to which a building or place is to conform before issue of license
  • Section 14:
  • Section 15:
  • Section 16:
  • Section 17:
  • Section 18:
  • Section 19:
  • Section 20:
  • Section 21:
  • Section 21:
  • Section 23:

Chapter IVA

  • Section 23A: Erection of temporary structures or pendals
  • Section 24: Penalty for letting off rockets, etc.
  • Section 25: Penalty on house holders for allowing rockets, etc. to let off without license
  • Section 26: Penalty for not taking out a license for a warehouse or workshop
  • Section 27: Penalty for using warehouse or work-shop after refusal, etc., of license
  • Section 28: Penalty for breach of conditions
  • Section 29: Penalty for failing to notify change in occupation of warehouse or workshop
  • Section 30: Penalty for giving false information to Collector respecting license
  • Section 31: Penalty for using as residence of warehouse for pressing jute or cotton
  • Section 32: Penalty for using matchboxes, etc. in warehouse
  • Section 33: Penalty for smoking within warehouse
  • Section 33A: Penalty for erecting structure, etc. in contravention of Section 23A
  • Section 33B: Penalty for obstructing persons exercising powers under Section 37A
  • Section 34:

Chapter VI

  • Section 35: Police officer may arrest offenders under Sec. 24.
  • Section 36:
  • Section 37: Act not to apply where small quantities of inflammable articles are deposited
  • Section 37A: Power of entry, etc.
  • Section 38:
  • Section 39: Repeal of Bengal Act I of 1893
  • Section 40: Power to make rules

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  • West Bengal Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Rules, 1996
  • Gas Cylinder Rules, 1981

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