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State Territory

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State Territory is a topic under International Law. State territories are acquired or lost.


  • State Territory is an attribute of statehood. There will be no state without a territory. The sovereignty of the state can be exercised in the territory of the state
  • State territory includes
    • Land Territory
    • National Waters
      • Rivers
        • Indus Water Agreement
        • The Farakka Issue
      • Canals
        • Suez Canal
        • Keil Canal
        • Panama Canal
      • Straits
      • Bays
      • Lakes and Land-locked Seas
    • Territorial Sea
    • Air Space
    • Subsoil under earth
  • Oppenheim: State Territory is the space within which the State exercises its supreme authority
    • Territory of the state is the property of that state
  • Protecting a territory is often a point of integrity and honor for a State than of economic importance

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