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Section 317 of Malaysian Penal Code

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Section 317 of Malaysian Penal Code deals with Exposure and abandonment of a child under twelve years by parent or person having care of it.

From the Act

Whoever, being the father or mother of a child under the age of twelve years, or having the care of such child, exposes or leaves such child in any place with the intention of wholly abandoning such child, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years or with fine or with both.


This section is not intended to prevent the trial of the offender for murder or culpable homicide, as the case may be, if the child dies in consequence of the exposure.

Other related Sections from the Act

  • Section 312: Causing miscarriage
  • Section 313: Causing miscarriage without woman’s consent
  • Section 314: Death caused by act done with intent to cause miscarriage. If act done without woman’s consent
  • Section 315: Act done with intent to prevent a child being born alive or to cause it to die after birth
  • Section 316: Causing death of a quick unborn child by an act amounting to culpable homicide
  • Section 318: Concealment of birth by secret disposal of dead body

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