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Section 1 of Kenya Criminal Procedure Code

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Section 1 of Kenya Criminal Procedure Code deals with Short Title.

From the Act

This Act may be cited as the Criminal Procedure Code.

Other related Sections from the Act

  • Section 2: Interpretation.
  • Section 3: Trial of Offences Under Penal Code and Under Other Laws.

Parts of Kenya Criminal Procedure Code

  • Part I: Preliminary (Sec 1 to 3)
  • Part II: Powers of Court (Sec 4 to 20)
  • Part III: General Provisions, Arrest, Escape and Retake (Sec 21 to 65)
  • Part IV: Provisions related to all Criminal Investigations (Sec 66 to 193A)
  • Part V: Mode of Taking and Recording Evidence in Trials (Sec 194 to 201)
  • Part VI: Procedure in Trials before Subordinate Courts (Sec 202 to 221)
  • Part VII: Repealed (Sec 222 to 209)
  • Part VIII: Provisions related to the Committal of accused persons for trial before the High Court (Sec 230 to 260)
  • Part IX: Procedure in Trials before the High Court (Sec 261 to 329F)
  • Part X: Sentences and their Executions (Sec 330 to 346)
  • Part XI: Appeals (Sec 347 to 379)
  • Part XII: Supplementary Provisions (Sec 380 to 394)
  • Schedule

Related Acts

Related Rules

  • Kenya Criminal Procedure (Record of Evidence in the High Court) Rules
  • Kenya Criminal Procedure (Police Supervision) Rules
  • Kenya Criminal Procedure (Appeal from Refusal of Bail) Rules
  • Kenya Criminal Procedure (Directions in the Nature of Habeas Corpus) Rules
  • Kenya Criminal Procedure (Remuneration of Witnesses and Assessors) Rules
  • Kenya Criminal Procedure (Expert Witnesses Fees) Rules

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