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Reasoned decision

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A Reasoned Decision is a Decision, Order, Decree, Judgement or an Interlocutory Order of the Court by a Presiding Officer as to the reason for giving decision. It makes the process of stating the reason mandatory.

  • Presiding officer, being a human being, might misjudge. Errors might crop up accidentally. Hence giving reasons functions as a deterrent on the officer.
  • A generation gap between the presiding officer and the cases existing making them difficult to cope up with latest trends in information technology etc.
  • Gives a clarity to the judgement.
  • Reasoned decisions are almost always correct
  • Giving reasoned decisions is a part of Principles of Natural Justice
  • Errors apparent on the face of record will be crystal clear when a reasoned decision is given and can be quashed in an appeal before an Appellate Court or by a Writ of Certiorari by a High Court or a Supreme Court.

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