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Probation vs Suspended Sentence

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This page deals with the differences between Probation and Suspended Sentence.

Correctional Administration: Probation is purely a correctional administration. It is a rule of law. Suspended Sentence is not exactly a correctional administration but also includes political and social aspects.

Age of offenders: Probation is given for youthful offenders (offenders below 21 years of age). Suspended Sentence is given irrespective of age.

Imprisonment: If Probated, the person is not imprisoned except in special circumstances. Suspended sentence can be cancelled at any time.

Supervision: Supervision is mandatory in Probation while it is not required in Suspended sentence.

Granting authority: Courts are empowered to grant probation. There is little or no influence by Government. Suspended sentence is in the hands of the Government.

Preference: A suspended sentence is more preferred than probation because in this, there is less stigma attached to the offender.

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