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Penology is the study of punishments in relation to the crime and the management of prisons. A Penologist is a social scientist who studies the theory and methods of punishment of crime.

Introduction to Penology

  • Definitions
  • Characteristic features
    • Penology deals with the principles and methods of punishment
    • It guides the state in framing punishments for various crimes
    • It aims at maintaining social peace and security
    • Punishes criminals in a rational manner.
  • Schools of Penology
    • Classical School of Penology
    • Positivist School of Penology
  • Approach to Penology
    • Administrative Penology
    • Scientific Penology
    • Academic Penology
    • Analytical Penology


A serious injury to an individual is considered an injury to the society itself and hence the punishing authority is transferred from individual to the State.

Police System

Criminal Law Courts

Prisons & Prison Reforms

  • Definition of Prison, Prisoner
  • Prison Administration and Prison Officials
  • Open Prisons
  • Evolution of Prison System
  • Prison reforms in India
  • Classification of Prisoners
  • Prison Discipline
  • Offences
  • Pennsylvania Jail System / Auburn Jail System
  • Prisons Act, 1894

Correctional Administration

Police & Courts

  • Police
  • Police Investigation
  • Cognizable Offense & Non-Cognizable Offense



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