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  • Brown. Stennick v. J. K. Lumber Co., 85 Or. 444, 161 P. 97, 106.: The sum of money which the obligor of a bond undertakes to pay in the event of his omitting to perform or carry out the terms imposed upon him by the conditions of the bond.
  • McClain v. Continental Supply Co., 66 Old. 225, 168 P. 815, 816.: An agreement to pay a greater sum, to secure the payment of a less sum. - It is conditional, and can be avoided by the payment of the less sum before the contingency agreed upon shall happen. By what name it is called is immaterial.
  • People v. Nedrow, 122 Ill. 363, 13 N.E. 533; State of Iowa v. Chicago, etc., R. Co., C.C., 37 F. 497, 3 L.R.A. 554; Miller v. Bopp, 136 La. 788, 67 So. 831.: A punishment; a punishment imposed by statute as a consequence of the commission of an offense.
  • City of Buffalo v. Neubeck, 209 App.Div. 386, 204 N.Y.S. 737, 738. State v. Franklin, 63 Utah, 442, 226 P. 674, 676. Brown v. Cornmins Distilleries Corporation, D.C.Ky., 56 F.Supp. 941, 942.: Also money recoverable by virtue of a statute imposing a payment by way of punishment.

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