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Indian Constitution and Land Laws

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The Constitution of India has certain articles in regard to Land Law.

  • Article 31(a): Saving of certain laws providing for acquisition of estate
  • Article 31(a): Validation of certain acts and regulations
  • Article 31(a): Saving of certain laws giving effect to certain directive principles
  • Article 39(b) and (c) deals with equal distribution of wealth
  • Article 39(b) says Government policies should be directed towards distribution of wealth to the community so as to serve the common good
  • Article 39(c) says that policies should not be directed at concentration of wealth

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • Shankari Prasad vs Union of India (AIR 1951 SC 455) challenged the constitutional ability of Amending Power of the Parliament and the first amendment, and the Articles 31A, 31B and the XIth Schedule
  • State of Bihar vs Kameshwar Singh (AIR 1952 SC 252) said that acquiring public property compulsorily means it is for a public purpose and for a compensation.
  • Karimbil Kunhikoman vs State of Kerala (AIR 1962 SC 723: 1962 Supl 1 SCR 829) has struck Kerala Agrarian Relations Act 1961 as unconstitutional
  • K K Kochunni vs State of Madras (AIR 1959 SC 725)
  • K K Kochunni vs State of Madras (AIR 1960 SC 1080)
  • State of Kerala and Another vs The Gwalior Rayon Silk Manufacturing (Weaving) Co Ltd etc. (AIR 1973 SC 2734)
  • His Holiness Kesavananda Bharati Sripadagalavarau vs State of Kerala (AIR 1973 SC 1461) - Fundamental Rights Case
  • Dattatraya Govind Mahajan and Others vs The State of Maharashtra and another (AIR 1977 SC 915)
  • H S Srinivasa Raghavachar etc etc vs State of Karnataka and others (AIR 1987 SC 1518)
  • Waman Rao vs Union of India (AIR 1981 SC 271: 1980(3) SCC 587)

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