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  • A 'Fee' is imposed on a beneficiary of some special service being rendered to him.
  • Fees are not for the 'General Revenue' but are for the revenue of the collecting Department.
  • Fee can be levied on a non-tax entry.
  • There will be some correlation between the fee collection and the service being rendered.
  • Fees can be collected even under a tax law.
  • A State Government can collect fee on a public trust.


Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • Fort Smith Gas Co. v. Wiseman, 189 Ark. 675, 74 S.W.2d 789, 790: A charge fixed by law for services of public officers or for use of a privilege under control of government.
  • Craig v. Shelton, 201 Ky. 790, 258 S.W. 694: A recompense for an official or professional service or a charge or emolument or compensation for a particular act or service.
  • People v. Goulding, 275 Mich. 353, 266 N.W. 378, 379: A fixed charge or perquisite charged as recompense for labor and trouble, a reward, compensation, or wage given to a person for performance of professional services or something done or to be done.

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