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Evolution of Administrative Law

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Administrative Law evolved as a bye-product of the public law because of the growing socio-economic functions and increasing power of the Government. This branch of law has seen immense growth during the 20th century because of the drastic changes in the role and functions of the State.

The State changed from being a police state exercising sovereign functions into a welfare state seeking security and welfare of the common public.

Some of the reasons for the evolution of the administrative law are:

Changing functions of the State

Intensive form of the Government

Inadequacy of legislative process

Inadequacy of judicial process

Growth of Science and Technology

Establishment of Regulatory agencies

Scope for experimentation

Discretionary powers

Preventive measure

At times the Government administration comes in contact with private individuals. Administrative Law prevents the administration from being arbitrary and unfair. It provides a control mechanism for the governmental powers.

Recent Cases / Related Cases / Case Law

  • Ridge v Baldwin: Lord Reid felt that even today, Administrative Law has not become a fully developed system.

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