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Definition of Administrative Law

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  • Red Light Theories: Administrative Law is the law that controls the administration, the limitation of its powers and the enforcement of these limits - Harlow and Rawlings in Law and Administration
  • Green Light Theories: (Necessary Evil). Sees Administrative Law as describing the powers of the Government and examine how they can be made more effective and efficient.
  • A V Dicey
  • Sir Ivor Jennings
  • Wade and Phillips
  • Garner
  • H W R Wade
  • Griffith and Street
  • K C Davis
  • Bernard Schwartz
  • Durga Das Basu
  • C K Takwani
  • M P Jain and S N Jain
  • S P Sathe
  • I P Massey
  • Upendra Baxi

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