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Book Reviews

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So you've had a book published? Congratulations!!

Now to get the word out to the rest of the world so that they can race outand buy it. Just one way of spreading the word about a new book is through a book review. But how do you get a review and who does the reviewing? is a leading website on Law and Justice.

We are in the process of starting a Book Reviews section where we shall review and showcase some of the leading books on the subject. The advantage of reviews is that they can stay online and thus accessible more or less indefinitely, and can thus outlast print reviews.

If you are a book author, publisher or distributor of Law-related books, you are welcome to submit one review / sample copy of your publication for possible review. We follow a specific internal process for book reviewing. Please note that mere submission is not a guarantee of review. Please note that our review will be for books published in English language only.

Sending books to us

You may send your book for review by us at the following address:

B2 Murugan Towers

NAD Kotha Road


Andhra Pradesh

INDIA 530 009

Steps followed in our book review process

The process we follow for book reviews will include, but not limited, to the following steps:

1. As soon as we get a book for review, its deatails will be put in the Books Pending Review Section.

2. The book is then added to an already existing queue of books that are pending review.

3. One book from the queue will be taken for review. The order of picking the book will be in First In First Out order, based on subject matter or at random depending on the need.

4. Next, the reviewer will read the book. A good reviewer will read the whole book before forming an opinion.

5. When s/he finishes the book, the reviewer will review the book. The length and structure of the review will depend on the publication the reviewer is writing for, but most reviews include a summary of the plot which does not reveal the ending, some comments on elements such as point of view, story structure, style and a recommendation (or otherwise). If the book is illustrated the reviewer could (and should) comment on the illustration techniques, and the review might also make a suggestion about age groups (for a children's books) and the type or reader who might be attracted to the book.

6. Whether s/he likes your book or not the reviewer will (hopefully) provide a balanced assessment of the book, focussing on the strengths as well as the weaknesses. S/he'll also avoid allowing personal preferences or bias to influence the review for example, if s/he doesn't like the romance genre, s/he'll not give a negative review on the basis that your book is a romance. S/he is more likely to choose not to review books in the genre most reviewers do specialise in some way.

7. Once the review is written, revised and proofread, the reviewer will submit it to their editor, or in the case of a website or blog, post it online. If the editor accepts the review, it will appear in print. The time between submitting the book for review and the review being published varies greatly, but it is not uncommon to wait six months, because of the lead times for print publications, and the sheer numbers of books submitted for review. For this reason, most publishers send out review copies ahead of the actual release date for a book.

8. Once the review is published you or your publisher may receive a copy of the review or a link to it online, but this doesn't always happen, so keep your eye out for reviews, and use search engines to keep abreast with what's being said about your book online.