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Asylum is a Latin term. a (not) + sylon (right to seizure). Hence Asylum is a place of refuge, retreat and security.

Institute of International Law: Asylum is the protection given to a person seeking it in a territory of another State.

Asylum needs to have:

  • Shelter: A place where the person wants to be protected
  • Degree of active protection: By another State in whose territory the person seeks protection

Types of Asylum

  • Territorial Asylum (Within the territory of a country)
  • Extra-territorial Asylum or Diplomatic Asylum (Asylum granted at an Embassy or a public vessel outside the territory of the State granting the Asylum)

Other information

  • Asylum ends where Extradition starts. Asylum and Extradition are two sides of the same coin.
  • Countries need to have Extradition treaty in order to exchange criminals failing which they have to initiate a diplomatic dialogue and reach to a consensus in order to Extradite a criminal.

Related Cases

  • Columbia vs Peru (1950 ICJ Reports 266)

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