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Abetment is the term used to refer to the inducement, influencing or forcing a person to do a crime. It can take place under the following methods.

  1. Abetment by Instigation
  2. Abetment by Conspiracy
  3. Abetment by Intentional Aiding

Abettor is a person who abets another to commit an offence.

A French word combined of two words "a" and ."beter"—to bait or excite an animal.

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • People v. Terman, 4 Cal.App.2d 345, 40 P.2d 915, 916: It includes knowledge of the wrongful purpose of the perpetrator and counsel and encouragement in the crime.
  • Old Nat. Brev. 21; Co. Litt. 475: To encourage, incite, or set another on to commit a crime. This word is always applied to aiding the commission of a crime. To abet another to commit a murder is to command, procure, or counsel him to commit it
  • Short v. Commonwealth, 240 Ky. 477, 42 S.W.2d 696, 697: to command, procure, counsel, encourage, induce, or assist
  • State v. Watts, Nev., 296 P. 26: to encourage, counsel, induce, or assist
  • State v. Lord, 42 N.M. 638, 84 P.2d 80, 86: To facilitate the commission of a crime, promote its accomplishment, or help in advancing or bringing it about.
  • Daniels v. State, 58 Ga.App. 599, 199 S.E. 572, 577: It includes knowledge of wrongful purpose of perpetrator.
  • State v. Kneedy, 232 Iowa 21, 3 N.W.2d 611, 615. People v. Stein, 55 Cal.App.2d 417, 130 P.2d 750, 751 (permitting wife to remain in house of prostitution).

Acts and Legal Provisions

  • India: Indian Penal Code, 1860: Section 107: Abetment of a thing to Section 120: Concealing design to commit offence punishable with imprisonment deals with the topic of 'Of Abetment'
  • Malaysia: Malaysian Penal Code: Section 107 to Section 120 deals with 'Chapter V: Abetment'.
  • Kenya: Kenya Penal Code
    • Section 48: Abetting acts of mutiny
    • Section 20: Abetting person to commit offence
    • Section 154: Abetting woman prostitute (women aiding and abetting prostitution)
    • Section 50: Abetting prisoner of war to escape
    • Section 225: Abetting suicide
    • Section 209: Abetting pact